Use curricula to onboard new employees

Curricula gives you the option to automatically assign a collective group of courses, like an onboarding package, for new users to complete. This way you can ensure that all new employees receive the same courses. 

Note: We do not advise usage of the curricula functions for other purposes than assigning courses automatically to new users. If you want to assign a course to existing users, please follow the Sign up or unsubscribe multiple users from a course guide. 


Curricula overview

1. Click on the Curricula icon on your admin homepage. 


2. Under the Curricula site, you can see an overview of already existing curricula. This may be empty if you have not added one yet. 

Curricula site

3. Under the Participation column you can see how many users that are assigned to the existing curricula. 




Adding new curricula

1. Click on Add curriculum 

Add curriculum

2. Assign a Name 


3. You do not have to fill out Category and can just leave as it is. 


4. Click on the small icon on the right side of name bar. This will show you the ID code for the curriculum, which can be used if you wish to assign more users to the curriculum. Contact us, if you wish to do this. 

small icon

5. Create a short description of the curriculum and its content. 

short description

6. Under Options, make sure that Activate and Show on catalogue are check-marked.  We recommend that you also checkmark Automatically assign new users, if you have a set course plan for new employees and wish for these to be automatically assigned to new users. 


7. Base price and Certification are usually not relevant and can be left empty. 

Base price

8. Finally, click Add 




Which courses should be included in the curriculum?

In the submenu, you can add and remove selected courses from the curriculum, ensuring that you can always keep it updated. Be aware that if you remove a course from the curriculum, you will also remove it from the assigned users and delete their course results. Please contact CyberPilot at if you have any questions regarding editing a curriculum. 

If you assign a new course to a curriculum, the already existing users will automatically be assigned to the course if you activated the Automatically assign new users when you created the curriculum (See step 5 in the section on adding curriculars). 

Follow these steps to get to the submenu: 

1. Click on a curriculum. 

Click on a curriculum

2. Click on Courses in the top bar. 

Click on Courses in the top bar

3. An overview of the courses will now be available. 


4. You assign a course to the curriculum by clicking the button under the Access column. When you enter the page, the buttons will be grey and say ‘No’. Once you click the button and assign the course, the button will change to ‘Yes’. 


The illustration shows that the first three courses on the list have been assigned and the last one has not. Therefore, the last button says ‘No’. 


5. The Set order is not necessary, so please ignore this. 

Set order

6. The curriculum is now updated and ready to be used. 



We recommend that you keep the Optional function deactivated, as this function determines when the curriculum is completed. Typically, you do not work with the premise of completed or not, but instead use curricula as a tool to control what courses are important to assign to new employees. It carries no relevance to the completion of the curricula as you can always follow your employees’ progress in the reports. 


Removing a course from a curriculum

Be aware that if you remove a course from an existing curriculum, this will also be removed from the users who are assigned to it. You will thereby lose the employees course history and progress. Therefore, we recommend that instead of removing a course you make the whole curriculum passive, as this will preserve all the user progress. 

To remove a course from the curriculum, follow the same steps as in Which courses should be included in the curricula (see above), but instead of clicking on the ‘No’ button, you click on the ‘Yes’ button, so the button will change to ‘No’. 


Which courses should be included in the curricula


As you can see in our example image above, Phishing training is now the only course that is part of the curriculum. 


Manual control of users and branches

If you have created a new curriculum, you will have to manually assign pre-existing users to it, if you want them to complete the courses in the curriculum. They will not automatically be enrolled to the new curriculum additions, as they are not new users. 
Remember that a user cannot be assigned to the same course twice. If a user is already assigned 6 out of the 8 courses in the curriculum, the user will only be assigned the remaining two if you assign them to the curriculum. 

You assign users to a curriculum in your Curriculum overview. 


1. In the curriculum menu, you can click on Users or Branches

Users or Branches

2. Under the Enrolment column, you click Enrol now on the users you wish to enrol to the curriculum. 

Enrol now

3. If you wish to enrol a branch, you can do so under the Branches section. Click ‘Yes’ under the Access column to enrol the specific branch. This function is very useful if you need an onboarding curriculum in more than one language or have multiple branches such as HR and Production. 



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