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Introduction to Creating Your Own Courses

On this page, we will take you through what you should be aware of if you want to create your own courses on our platform.

You have the possibility to create your own courses with your own content on the CyberPilot platform. With this feature, you can use the platform as your personal Learning Management System (LMS), which can be very advantageous. To ensure that your course content is compatible with the platform make sure to read this page before you start creating your own courses.  


About the platform and publishing of a course 

It should be noted that part of the platform, including where you publish your courses, contains multiple functions and opportunities to which we cannot offer support. This means that we most likely cannot be of help if you experience technical difficulties with any customised content that is not in line with the original formats, functions, or opportunities as described here in our CyberPedia guides.  


In other words, if you defer from the default guide settings we cannot guarantee that your course will run as you intend it to. A good rule of thumb is that the simpler a course is set up, the easier it is to make it successful. So, start small and work from there.  

We always recommend that you test your new course on a handful of selected colleagues, in order to check that everything from running through the course material, course completion, and reporting of the course results, work as intended before you publish anything on a large scale.  


What is required from you? 

It requires admin access and a bit of technical skill to use this part of the platform, but if you lean on the guide, the technical part of setting up a course will very well be possible to succeed with.  

Our experience tells us that it takes a substantial amount of time and irritable moments before a course turns out well and in line with your expectations. There is a lot of hidden work behind a beautiful and thoroughly prepared course.  


What Types of Courses Can I Make? 

A course consists of one or more blocks with content. The courses from CyberPilot typically consist of three blocks: a video, a slideshow with information, and a quiz. There are, however, no limitations to how many or few blocks you can create in your course, but it is important to consider how you want to build up the course and how to structure this in blocks.  

You can ask yourself these questions before you begin: How much information does the user need? How long shall the course take to complete? and should there be a concluding quiz or a flow of quizzes?  


What type of files can I use? 

You can upload different types of files in each column or make a quiz directly on the platform. We are experienced with using files such as:  

  • PowerPoint 
  • Pdf
  • MP4
  • MP3 and 
  • SCORM (SCORM requires a program that can pack SCORM files, e.g., Captivate or Articulate).  

The quiz can be created directly on the platform and does not require an uploaded file.  

Files will not always be shown as you expect. As an example, a PowerPoint will be formatted as a pdf file. It can therefore take a couple of tries with the setup and testing before you reach a format that fits you.  


Programs and resources – where can I get pictures, make videos, and so on? 

It is also important that you consider what programs and resources you will need, in order to create course content. Do you want to make a video? What programs do you need for that? Are there going to be pictures/images in the course? Do I make my own animations? Where can I buy ready-made pictures/images?  

There are many things you need to be on top of in order to create a good course. Everything is possible, but it requires some preparation and potential time and money to turn it into reality.  

There are multiple sites from which you can buy pictures/images. Here is a short list of some of them:  

  • www.123rf.com 
  • www.stock.adobe.com 
  • www.shutterstock.com

Video editing programs:  

  • Vyond for animation films 


Further processing – can I get arrows on the course? 

If you want your PowerPoint to contain extra functionalities, such as arrows, info-boxes, and animation like CyberPilot’s courses, you will have to convert these into SCORM files. A SCORM file can be created in an e-learning software program, such as Articulate or Captivate. These cost money and require some time to get to know.  


Do you have your material and ready-to-execute plan? Then go on with creating your course on the platform.  

See our guide here.  

Got a question? 

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