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Introduction to Creating Your Own Courses

You have the possibility to create your own courses with your own content on the CyberPilot platform. With this feature, you can use the platform as your personal Learning Management System (LMS), which can be very advantageous. But be aware that there can be limitations and challenges in the process of creating your own content, as CyberPilot cannot produce this content for you. 

If you wish to, the option to create your own courses and content can be added to your existing deal with CyberPilot, without any additional fees. Please contact us at info@cyberpilot.io if you would like to create your own courses. 


About the platform and publishing of a course

As mentioned above, CyberPilot cannot help you with the production of your own content. We can however, under special circumstances, help guide you with setting up a course on the platform. Your content will be published on the platform in the same format that you upload in. The same goes for any material you might send to us. 

It should be noted that part of the platform, including where you publish your courses, contains multiple functions and opportunities to which we cannot offer support. This means that we most likely cannot be of help if you experience technical difficulties with any customised content that is not in line with the original formats, functions, or opportunities as described here in our CyberPedia guides. 

In other words, if you defer from the default guide settings we cannot guarantee that your course will run as you intend it to. A good rule of thumb is that the simpler a course is set up, the easier it is to make it successful. So, start small and work from there. 


Testing a course

We always recommend that you test your new course on a handful of selected colleagues, in order to check that everything from running through the course material, course completion, and reporting of the course results, work as intended before you publish anything on a large scale. 


What is required from you?

It requires a bit of technical skill to use this part of the platform, but if you lean on the guide, the technical part of setting up a course will very well be possible to succeed with. 

It is a whole different ball game to dive into creating your own content. Our experience is that is takes a substantial amount of time and irritable moments before a course turns out well and in line with your expectations. It takes time to create good videos, a thoroughly prepared document, PowerPoints, a quiz that makes sense etc. There is a lot of hidden work behind a beautiful and thoroughly prepared course, which is relevant to consider before diving into the deep end. 


You can read more about what a course on our platform is and what considerations you should make when creating a course here

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