Recommended course plan

As you’re getting started with awareness training, you might wonder which courses to send out, and when. To help you, our learning design experts have made a recommended course plan for the first year of awareness training.  

The plan begins with our starting package. Then, we alternate the following months between our expert-recommended courses and new courses released every other month.  

The result? A year-long plan that establishes a basic level of knowledge on various IT security and data protection topics. 

See our recommendation for what courses to send out first.



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Our recommended plan was designed to be generally applicable. But we know that sometimes, you just want to put your own touch on the training plan.

If that’s you, you might want to check out our guidance on creating an awareness training plan specifically for your organisation. It’s a blog post with expert tips on, e.g., how often to send out courses and which courses to prioritize. 

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