Whitelisting in VIPRE 

Whitelisting is an important step in the process of sending out phishing-simulations. It prevents mail from being stopped by your spam/anti-phishing filters and makes sure that the mail reaches your users.  


We have provided a step-by-step guide on how to whitelist CyberPilot in VIPRE. Follow the steps below to allow CyberPilot, on your behalf, to send emails that appear to come from an email address at your domain or another chosen sender profile. 


When the whitelisting is done remember to let your dedicated Customer Succes Manager at CyberPilot know. After we will send you a test-mail. Make sure to check if the email goes through. If there are any problems or additional questions, write to us at:  support@cyberpilot.io 


Allowlisting in VIPRE can be done at two levels: the User level or the Account level. We recommend doing this at the Account level to ensure that all recipients receive emails sent by us. 


Account-level tab  

This tab allows you to manage allow/whitelist entries for all domains in the account. 

  1. Log in to your VIPRE account.  
  2. Open the Allow and Deny menu
  3. Navigate to Allow List
  4. Insert domain adress you want to whitelist  
  5. Click add 

This page allows you to whitelist sender addresses, domain names, wildcards and IP addresses in the account level as well as the user level. 

For a list of our most up-to-date IP addresses and domain names contact your designated Customer success manager. 


The ones you whitelist will bypass spam filtering. 

Got a question?

Contact us at support@cyberpilot.io