Follow up on the Awareness Training

On this page, we will take you through how you can follow up on the training to make sure everyone completes it. See the video or read the guide down below.


It's important to remind everyone that they should complete their courses. The platform will automatically send out reminder emails every week. This will be sent to all users who have unfinished courses. 

But automated emails are not always that effective. Therefore, it can be an idea to write a follow-up email as an admin to users who haven't completed all courses. This ensures that they understand the importance of the Awareness training and know that you are following their progress.  

A personal email from the admin or manager may provide a great effect considering the time invested.  We have therefore created a report for following up on your employees called “Follow up” or “Opfølgning”. This report contains the usernames and emails of the users who have not yet completed their training, including their number of completed and assigned courses.  

You can use the report as an email list in order to remind specific employees to complete their training.   

Follow this guide to see how you can follow up on the Awareness training:  

  1. Go to your admin homepage  
  2. Click on Course enrolment & reports
Course enrolment

You will be directed to an overview page.  

3. Click on Reports.  

 Under Reports, you will see an overview of the reports available to you.  

4. Click on the Follow-up report.  
 Follow up
5. Click on Export.
6. Choose Excel to download the report.  

The report will open in Excel, where you can see the list of users that have not yet completed their training.  



Once you have downloaded the report, you can copy the emails of the employees and start writing them a follow-up email. It is a good idea to use the BCC function so that they cannot see the other employees’ emails.  

Send them a message in which you, kindly but firmly, urge them to complete their training as soon they can, as it is important.   

If you repeat this process often, it can help secure a higher rate of user completion.  

Example of a follow-up email 

Here’s an example of what a follow-up mail can look like. 

English version: 

“Hey there 

I can see that you haven’t yet completed all of your awareness training courses. There is probably a really good reason for that, but please prioritise completing them as soon as possible, so that you are partaking in maintaining our cyber security practices. Remember: a course only takes about 5 minutes to complete  

You log on to the courses through this link: (Note: Remember to insert your own URL if you have set up AD integration). 

Have fun” 


Danish version: 


Jeg kan se, at du endnu ikke har gennemført alle dine awareness-træningskurser. Det er der sikkert en god grund til, men du må gerne prioritere at få dem taget snarest muligt, sådan du er med til at opretholde vores IT-sikkerhed. Husk at et kursus kun tager 5 minutter  

Du logger ind til kurserne gennem dette link: (OBS: Husk at indsætte jeres egen URL, hvis I har opsat AD-integration) 

God fornøjelse” 

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