Introduction to Your Admin Account

On this page, we will show you how to access your admin account and give you a short introduction to what you can do with it.


Your account consists of two different user profiles, which are intertwined:  

  1. An admin – this is where you can administer your users, course enrolment, course creation, etc.  
  2. A learner – this is where you can complete the different courses  

You can alternate between the two user types by clicking on your initials in the upper-right corner as shown in the image below. Simply click on the profile you wish to use.

Dashboard admin     Avatar admin learner profile


Main Menu with Admin User

As an admin, you have access to a list of administrative functions, such as the creation/deletion of users, course enrolment, and reports on your users’ training activity. 

Dashboard admin

We will just take you through some of the functions.  

Under Users, you can Add a user, as well as delete and deactivate existing users. You can find guides for all of these actions here

Under Course, you can enroll users in courses or get a report. Read about how you administer courses, how you find them, and how to enroll or unenroll single and multiple users to them here

Under Curricula you can automatically assign a collective group of courses, like an onboarding package, for new users to complete. This way you can ensure that all new employees receive the same courses.  Read more about that here.  

Under Azure AD you can set up an AD integration to your Azure AD.
This will ensure that users from the AD automatically will be synchronised/added to the Awareness training platform and make your administrative work easier.
You can read more and find the guide here

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