Our vision

Safe use of technology in

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Who we are and what we believe in

CyberPilot ApS is a Danish cybersecurity company. We work with all types of companies and organisations, both large and small, who want to achieve effective cybersecurity.

We focus on cybersecurity being a process, in which people and behaviour matter as much as the technology, hardware and software. Technology is important, but cannot stand alone – knowledge is needed too!

We develop services based on both open-source technology and third-party products. However, we are not dealers, meaning that we never have an incentive to choose a solution because of a relationship with a specific supplier. 

Our focus is on making it as easy as possible for you to integrate cybersecurity into your everyday life and business. For many, cybersecurity is necessary and we will do our part to make cybersecurity a priority – precisely by making it simple, efficient and value-adding.

We recognize that not all companies have a budget that allows to work with cybersecurity. Hence, why we have also chosen to share our experiences and knowledge, in order for everyone to get started, even without having to make a purchase.

CyberPilot has an office in the heart of Aarhus, and is daily managed by CEO, and co-owner, Rasmus Hangaard Vinge.

icons-aboutus-28 Human-based

Cybersecurity is about people and processes.
Not just technology.

icons-aboutus-29 Available for all

Cybersecurity is relevant for all companies.
Regardless of size.

icons-aboutus-30 Continuously

Cybersecurity is a continuous process
Not a one-time investment.


Our history

The founders of CyberPilot first met in 2015. A mix of competencies ranging from technical cybersecurity, compliance and governance, to experience with sales, strategy, and management, provided the right conditions for the founding of CyberPilot.

The idea was to start a cybersecurity company which enabled all organisations – both large and small – to work with cybersecurity, as it is relevant for all of us. We knew from the very beginning that cybersecurity is going to be more and more important in our everyday lives!

Thus, CyberPilot was founded in early 2016.

Later that year, in May 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted.

This meant that new rules for the handling of personal data would be enforced at the European level, from May 2018.

GDPR has been a major driver of the growth of CyberPilot, as it was suddenly a requirement and not just a “voluntary” task to work with cybersecurity.

However, our first priority is always to help rather than sell. The confidence of our customers mean more than quick sales! This is why we have always prioritised finding the right and pragmatic solutions for our customers, instead of simply scaring customers into buying unnecessary solutions.

At CyberPilot, the focus is always on the long-term perspective!

We care about your personal data!

To make sure we live up to our own standards, we have been audited ourselves.

The faces of a CyberPilot

Anders Winther Sales Manager / Partner
FNI-295x295 FNI-as-a-child
Fredrik Nielsen Awareness training / Partner
RHV-295x295 RHV-as-a-child
Rasmus Vinge CEO / Partner
ABT-295x295 ABT-as-a-child
Anders Bryde Thornild Digital Marketing Manager
SDJ-295x295 SDJ-as-a-child
Sigrid Dam Jeremiassen Digital Business Developer
KES-295x295 KES-as-a-child
Kenneth Ejner Schläger IT Product Support
WPO-295x295-1 WPO-as-a-child
Wiktor Poznachowski Business Developer, Poland
TSL-295x295 TSL-as-a-child
Tue Saltofte Lund Digital Learning Specialist
Laura LFE-as-a-child
Laura Fenge Junior Digital Marketer, UK
Isabella ISL-as-a-child
Isabella Lüders Junior Digital Marketer, Germany
SVA-295x295 SVA-as-a-child
Stine Vangsgaard Office Manager
THT-295x295 THT-as-a-child
Throstur Thordarson E-mail Marketer
SHO-295x295 SHO-as-a-child
Sarah Hofmann Junior Digital Marketer, UK
Jesper Korsgaard Business Developer
SLJ-295x295 SLJ-as-a-child
Søren Lassen Jensen Junior Digital Marketer, Denmark
CER CER-as-a-child
Carl Emil Ramsing Customer Success Manager
NPA-295x295 NPA-as-a-child
Noemi Palcyznska Junior Digital Marketer, Germany
AAN-295x295-1 AAN-as-a-child
Arooj Anwar Junior Digital Marketer, UK
MAE-295x295 MAE_as_a_child_295x295
Mary-Ann Eriksson Junior Digital Marketer, Sweden
Morten Frøbert Harbo IT Product Owner
Lise Hangaard Customer Success Manager
SMA-295x295 SMA-child
Samuele Magnifico Junior Controller
Lene Kragelund Business Developer
Julie Vinther Christensen Customer Success Manager
GGU_295x295 GGU_as_a_child_295x29
Gry Myrtveit Gundersen Junior Digital Marketer, Norway
SEN 295x295 SEN-as-a-child
Stine Erna Nielsen Junior Digital Marketer, Denmark
Theresa Rømer Andersen Junior Digital Learning Consultant
Julie Dolleris Digital Learning Specialist
CNI_295x295 CNI_as_child_295x295
Claus Kelm-Nielsen Business Developer
Ida Rose Rasmussen Junior Digital Learning Consultant
Martin Møller IT projektleder