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Free cyber security and GDPR templates


Risk Analysis

A risk analysis is a useful tool for any organisation who wants to anticipate incidents and mitigate the risks. You will be able to identify vulnerabilities and obtain a good overview of risks in your organisation.

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IT Security Policy Template

The IT security policy is an effective tool for organisations to communicate their objectives about IT security. We recommend combining it with the Acceptable Use Policy template to ensure employees know what they can and cannot do.

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Acceptable Use Policy Template

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is an integral part of the framework of information security policies. It includes specific rules and guidelines for your organisation to follow and is concrete and actionable.  

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Password Policy Template

Get our password policy template and create a foundation for stronger passwords in your organization today!

A well-crafted password policy helps you keep your organization's accounts and data better protected. Read more about the principles behind a strong password strategy

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Phishing case

An example of a specific phishing campaign and the actual statistics

Our case study has an example of a phishing mail that we sent through our phishing training. See how many fell for the trap!

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