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Coffee and Cyber Security

Welcome to our podcast, "Coffee and Cyber Security". 

In this podcast we talk about cyber security and provide you with good tips about how to work with cyber security in your company.

We won't talk tech as better experts than us are out there.

Instead, we'll focus on processes, tactics and the human element of the security work. Which are the topics where we know quite a lot.

Our host is Anders Bryde Thornild, who will invite guests in each episode to talk about their expertise. Sometimes people from inside CyberPilot, other times external visitors. 


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In some episodes we mention templates. You can find the links to these below:


Episode 01

In this episode, Anders and Rasmus mention a risk analysis template. 

Find the template here.

Episode 03

I episoden henviser Rasmus og Fredrik til Sikker Digital, som har gode cases om virksomheders IT-sikkerhedsoplevelser.

Find the template here.