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The Physical Surroundings

When we think of IT security, we often think of everything that goes on inside the computer (or our other devices).

But IT security also has a lot of physical aspects, which we go through in this course. We encourage, among other things, to get a handle on which information is available in the workplace for everyone to see, to be aware of who comes and goes, and reminds of how it is important to lock up.


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Other material

Create awareness in your organisation with our posters. You can download the posters and hang them on your walls in your organisation.

In this way your employees willl be reminded of what to be aware of when they see the posters.

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Course details
Expected publish date: February 2024
Learning objectives
  • How information security also applies to your surroundings outside of computers and systems
  • How you can help to protect the data and systems around you

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