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Here's our new CyberPilot platform!

Anders Bryde Thornild
By: Anders Bryde Thornild Awareness training | 15 January

We've launched our new CyberPilot platform!! And we are quite proud of it, so we think we should tell you a little about what we've done and how it's better than before! I can spoil it for you, that it's never been easier to run your awareness and phishing-training and the new platform saves you a lot of time.

New look and feel

First of all, we've changed the look and feel of the platform. We want the learning and admin experience to be better and smoother than before; therefore, we upgraded all visuals and simplified everything. We feel like we've changed out our Fiat with a Ferrari. One thing is, that it should make everything feel a bit better, but it should also be easier to get an overview and find exactly what you need.


Faster backend and easier to use

Another big part of building the new backend was making it faster and easier for both you and us. This goes into the software itself but also the user experience. We've made it easier for you to administer your users, courses, and reporting. We've done that by removing a lot of clutter that nobody used anyway. Now everything you see in the app has a function and is easy to find and use. This should save you and your employees a lot of time.

At the same time, we've made it easier for us to administer EVERYTHING. It might sound like that's just for us, but by spending less time on manual tasks we have more time to help all of you succeed with your training.

Better reporting

Our reporting features have gotten a big lift. We've changed it all. Now it's easy to access reports about how many courses you've enrolled to employees and how many of these have been completed. It's also easy to get an overview of your phishing campaigns.

Everything is collected in one dashboard and if you want to go in depth with either the awareness training or phishing training this is of course also possible in the reporting tab.

Reporting - Dashboard

New features are also here

A lot of the changes have focused on making our existing features way better and faster to save you time. But, we've also rolled out a couple of new features. 

Schedule courses for a year

Now you can schedule course enrolments. This means, that you don't have to log in every time you want to enroll your users in a course. Instead, you can log in one time and plan out the whole year and we take care of the rest. 

  • February: Passwords
  • April: Deleting personal data 
  • June: AI Tools

And now you have everything covered for the first six months of the year. 

You can also schedule courses for specific departments or branches.


Phishing planning with your CSM

Now, you can also plan your phishing campaigns together with our experts directly in the app. This makes it faster and easier to setup the best phishing simulations for your company!

Hero section-2

More to come in 2024

The best of it all? This is just the beginning. We are adding new features and making the platform better throughout the year. Right now, we are working on a lot of interesting things. We can for example promise that we are focusing on the cultural part of cyber security even more! But, we can't announce anything yet, but we'll promise to keep you posted!

Have you never tried our platform? Then don't worry, you can get a free trial by clicking the link below:

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